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We stated our business in 2005 when my daughters service dog Tess became allergic to grains in her food and had to be put on a grain free diet. At that time there was not many options on the market for grain free treats. So my daughter Vicky (who lives with Cerebral Palsy and is a wheelchair user) and I decided to make our own homemade grain free treats for Tess and we have been making them ever since with all kinds of yummy flavors all natural treats both regular & grain free options and other all natural products for pets of all shapes and sizes!

All of our treats & other products are made from natural ingredients that are safe for both pet and human consumption & use.

Our best selling all natural paw balm that heals cracked rough paws, elbows & noses. It works extremely well in all seasons especially summer and winter protecting your fur babies paws from the hot pavement in the summer and the salt on the pavements in the winter. Be sure to get yours today!


We are excited to announce our 1st products in our Custom T-Shirts & More Line! Items will include T-Shirts, Sweaters, Travel Mugs, Coffee Mugs, Car Decals and More! More items will be added.. Be sure to get yours today!

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Wax Melts are Fantastic!

I received the Oak Barrel Apple was melts as a gift. It is just the right scent in that it is not too strong or too weak. It is perfect! Even my husband enjoys the scent and stated the living room had a nice sent of apple cider. We had it running the entire day. This is a scent I will order. I give it a 5 out of 5 score. I am very grateful I received this wonderful gift.

Pepin Family

Exellent Product!

I want to let everyone to know that the pet balm is absolutely great, it works like magic, my beautiful puppy had her nose and paws extremely dry, I started to use the pet balm and on day 2 of using it, I saw the amazing change, her paws and nose now are heal and moist. I would recommend this miraculous balm to everyone.


Great for my dog!!!

Works great for my Husky's paws. We run and walk a lot with her, this balm is fantastic.

Veronique Sarrasin

Great Product!!

This is wonderful stuff! We’ve had some concerns with a dry callous on my Labrador’s elbow and this stuff helped immensely! Plus it smells nice too :)


Best Product Yet!!

Absolutely amazing product! My bulldog has dry itchy skin I put a little of this balm in between his fold on his face works wonders.

Marcie Monkton

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