Welcome!.... I'm So Glad Your Here!

Hi! My name is Debbie I thank you so much for visiting our online store today! I would love to tell you a little bit about myself & why I am doing this business venture.

Our shop is full of Hand Made Custom Items that are made to order. Our store is very unique because we make every single item by hand ourselves at our home in Canada. We have been in business since 2005 selling pet treats & paw balm for pets. Since then my business has grown to include hand made wax melts & hand made soaps.

My daughter Vicky has Cerebral Palsy unfortunately she will never be medically cleared to work. As a hobby she loves to make custom artwork & graphics on her laptop. During COVID-19 she made all kinds of wonderful artwork that I thought would be awesome to share with the world! So I launched the Personalized Items Line featuring artwork made by Vicky! I hope you enjoy what my store has to offer.

We are always adding new items to our store so please do check back often to see whats new!

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